Summer Newsletter 2016

I hope you are all enjoying this summer weather it is long overdue.

Looking back our spring production, which now seems long past, was a very successful “Will You Still Love Me In The Morning”.  This was directed by Lawrence Chandler, and this play introduced Alistair Burn, treading the GDC boards for the first time, as well as two new members, Melissa Rawlings and Jo Leversuch, helping back stage.

For a while we have talked about the possible effects of the Darlington road closure on ticket sales. It does seem to have had an effect, as the last two plays, both were on after the road was reopened, showed a significant improvement in seat occupancy, at 84 and 91 % respectively.

One of the most significant recent changes at the club is that we have obtained new seats for the theatre. Due to the refurbishment at the Darlington Civic we had the opportunity to purchase 100 seats from them, which we duly took, and they are now installed. The old seats we removed had all been sponsored and we have saved the name plates, and had them framed to form part of the Club`s history.  We are selling the old seats, so, if you know of anybody who might like to have any number of them, please let me know.  We are just asking for a donation.

To help defray the costs of the new seats and their installation, we are asking for sponsorship for the new seats.  The cost will be £25 per seat and name plates will be attached.

Please, if you wish to sponsor a seat, or two, please let me know by e mail at: or on 01325 733138 .

The Club has been disappointed in the lack of members attending social events over the last year.  Our Social Secretary spends a lot of time in organising these events, so please come along and support your club.

The autumn production will be “Spring and Port Wine”, by Bill Naughton, directed by my wife, Ronnie.  The cast has been chosen, and again, we have a new member taking part. The dates of the play are from 23rd – 26th November, 30th Nov – 3rd December.

We also have directors in place for the next two plays for 2017.  Maria Lowcock for the spring production, and Allan Jones, who would like to try a small summer production.  More about these plays later on.

I think that is all the news for now.