Will You Still Love Me In The Morning?

Gainford Drama Club’s spring production of the Brian Clemens and Dennis Spooner farce was certainly one to remember. From the first night to the final performance the company was almost word-perfect and handled the fast-paced, sometimes frenetic action with aplomb.  The audience were chuckling from start to finish.  The play was well-directed by Lawrence Chandler, assisted by Maria Lowcock.

Peregrine Thelma Celia Jeremy

The plot is simple enough. Jeremy and Celia Winthrop return from their honeymoon a week early when their Spanish hotel isn’t up to scratch. Unfortunately Winthrop, looking for promotion, has handed over the keys of his cottage to his two bosses, and both decide to take him up on the offer. Even more unfortunately, both men are having affairs with the other one’s wife.  Mayhem ensues as the Winthrops try to keep the couples apart. The actors built the pace superbly with immaculate timing and mounting puzzlement at the situation.


Aiden West was outstanding as Jeremy, producing some amazing facial gymnastics as the horror of the situation began to dawn on him, but every member of the seven-strong cast made sparkling contributions. Emma Simpson was delightful as the deceptively innocent Sara Ward, Jo Longstaff convincing as the more sophisticated Thelma Jessel, and Paris Lowcock was excellent as Celia, Jeremy’s bewildered new bride. Paul Illingworth was hilarious as the more worldly-wise of the bosses, Humphrey Jessel, complete with urbane wit and sock-suspenders.   Newcomer Alistair Burn gave a most promising performance as the more diffident Peregrine Ward. Paul Richardson played bumbling Syd Clancy, the comic odd-job man to perfection, quietly wrecking the cottage out of sight of the audience.


The country cottage set with a plethora of functioning doors was a triumph of construction (obviously Syd Clancy was not involved) and held up to the exits and entrances superbly.  Characters popped in and out of them with clever timing that added to the humour. The props department had their hands full with dishing up the dinner party in two locations whilst the costume changes added to the confusion and comedy.  All in all this was a great evening’s entertainment.

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