Murder in Play

Group plays to the audience [Teesdale Mercury April 2013]

Murder In Play Gainford Drama Club

MURDER in Play, as the title suggests, is a play within a play and is yet another stunning production from Gainford Drama Club.

The action takes place in rehearsals for Murder at Priorswell Manor and at first you may think you are in for an evening of completely over the lop characters until you realise that this is the play within the play.

The play though is a lot more .than Just a rehearsal for another play. It is about the people and their interactions in a theatre group.

The director Boris Smolensky tries to cope with his wife and his lover in the cast, as the egos of the cast shine through delightfully as they have obviously been performing together on various productions for a while.

Of course a murder is needed and as the play within the play goes through a few cast changes, the murder is unravelled with the help of the stage manager.

NewcomersIf all this sounds rather complicated, it wasn’t due to the excellent direction and acting.

I couldn’t pick out any individual performance they were all tremendous throughout.

If you didn’t manage to see Gainford Drama Club this time, I would highly recommend it for an evening of high quality entertainment.

A J Harrison