Past Productions

Role Play

The Odd Couple

Dangerous Corner

This Corner is Dangerous (Darlington & Stockton Times) To let sleeping dogs lie or not: that is the question in the latest offering by Gainford Drama Club, performed at the village”s Academy Theatre. Everything seems back on track at Caplan”s publishing house following the apparent suicide of Martin Caplan. Until, that is, a chance remark

London Suite


(Darlington & Stockton Times) Farce is possibly the most difficult of theatre genres to pull off successfully, but Gainford Drama Club made a commendable stab at it last week with a production of Rumours by Neil Simon. Rapid-fire dialogue is the chief device by which this play rises to a sense of disaster waiting in

Chorus of Disapproval

Fringe Benefits

Fishy tail at Gainford (Teesdale Mercury) For the past fortnight, the small Academy Theatre at Gainford has been sold out with another fine offering from Gainford Drama Club. This year”s production was Fringe Benefits by Peter Yeldham and Donald Churchill. In the club”s usual tradition, it was a farce centred around a small cast. Set

Diplomatic Baggage

Bags of fun for all here (Teesdale Mercury) Its a quarter of a century since Gainford Drama Club last performed the John Chapman play, Diplomatic Baggage. But the marathon 10-day run which began at the Academy Theatre on Tuesday last week was as fresh and timeless as ever, judging by the opening night performance. Slick

Bedroom Farce

Dream performance (Teesdale Mercury)Gainford Drama Club have once again surpassed themselves with their latest production. “Bedroom Farce” by Alan Ayckbourn is a two-act play which is currently being performed at the Academy Theatre, Gainford. Principally a comedy, the play is set in the 1970s, in the bedrooms of three couples and deals with the sleepless

Cat"s Cradle

No snags for Cat”s Cradle (Teesdale Mercury) For the past week Gainford Academy Theatre has been the venue for performances of Leslie Sands” “Cat”s Cradle” by Gainford Drama Club. The club has a long history of amateur dramatics, having put on a production twice a year since 1949 . “Cat”s Cradle” is a murder-mystery set